Our Partnership Programs

We believe in equal chances for all. That’s why we aspire to reach all Global South countries where our technology and impact are much needed. To achieve this large-scale goal, we forge lasting and meaningful partnerships; Amparo Clinics work with nonprofits, governments, companies, foundations and other organizations. By creating meaningful relationships, we gain the resources to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Our approach is already implemented in Africa; we have partnered with the Global Disability Innovation Hub to kick off our six-month pilot program in Mombasa and Nairobi, in Kenya. (July 2019- January 2020) 

Amparo Clinics, along with its partners, are a catalyst for amputees everywhere to claim their power back.

What our Partners Think

Having followed their journey from a distance for over a year, I was really happy when, about 6 months ago, I got the opportunity to work closely with the Amparo Clinics team to design a research protocol to evaluate the impact of the Amparo Confidence socket in Kenya.
— Dr Giulia Barbareschi, Global Disability Innovation Hub